Who is SouthEnd ARTS?

Founded in 2018, SouthEnd ARTS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and art education organization focused on creating juried equity art exhibitions celebrating and nurturing people who are Seniors, Disabled, Immigrants, Low-Income, Women and Girls, LGBTQIA, and those of African, Latino(a), Asian, Arab, and/or Native American descent. Each show features a curated group of artists in a variety of mediums varying from show to show. Exhibitions are accompanied by a featured speaker on the topic of Progress For All.

What We Stand For


SouthEnd ARTS curates meaningful and thought-provoking exhibitions, events, and speaker series to support talented local artists. Founded in 2018, SouthEnd ARTS was recognized by Queen City Nerve as the Best Arts Organization (2019).


To elevate underinvested artists while educating the greater Charlotte community.


Building a community committed to Progress For All and racial equity by creating equity art exhibition space, building cultural bridges, empowering artists and their communities.

We believe when you invest in SouthEnd ARTS, you are investing in the vibrancy of Charlotte’s cultural community and a commitment to making the arts accessible to all.

Header image shows SouthEnd ARTS alumni Elisha Cutter and Ksenia Gogoleva in front of Ksenia’s award-winning work at the SouthEnd ARTS gallery.u003c/pu003en