SouthEnd ARTS  Opening Night and Gallery Crawl

Celebrating ARTS, History and  Heritage

The Brooklyn Collective is a place with a purpose. The Brooklyn Collective gives Charlotte a place to connect our strengths and the space to build what’s missing. It has always served as a safe space to solve community issues that people in the Black community couldn’t talk about elsewhere.

SouthEnd ARTS is pleased to announce a collaboration with Charlotte’s Studio 229 on Brevard, a collection of three historic buildings in the Brooklyn neighborhood, gathering civic-minded “makers” (creatives, entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, non-profits, etc) to fill gaps with knowledge, resources and connections.

Located in a historic block of Charlotte between 3rd and 4th streets on South Brevard Street, The Brooklyn Collective is one of the last pieces of African-American history of a neighborhood formerly known as “Brooklyn” in Charlotte, NC. We are a collective of diverse business owners and nonprofits who are committed to preserving this history and telling the stories and emulating the founders drive for economic mobility, entrepreneurship, social consciousness and celebrating local artistic talent.


Charlotte is ranked 50 out of 50 large American cities in upward mobility, meaning that it’s harder to escape poverty here than in any other big city in the country.

At the same time that our city struggles to close the opportunity gap, large numbers a day are moving to Charlotte in search of their own opportunity.