“GRACEfest” … A multicultural, multidisciplinary ARTS Festival honoring Brooklyn residents

GRACEfest, June 4-5, 2021.

SouthEnd ARTS presents   “GRACEfest” ... 120 Years in Brooklyn, NC

MultiCultural, Multidisciplinary ARTS Festival

Opening Night Speaker Series and Equity Art

JUNE 4th, 6:00PM, Doors 5:30PM

SouthEnd ARTS is not just an organization, it is a movement of people with a shared appreciation for creatives and deeply rooted passion for equity.  The organization’s programming is designed to “convene, connect and catalyze” towards shared goals of increased equity through creative expressions.

 Curator, Joanna Henry,  BFA, Winthrop University

Juror:  Foozhan Kashkooli, MFA, Winthop University

We are excited to share new innovations of artist programming, community engagement and social good.

All sales benefit the artist and the mission of SouthEnd ARTS.  A percentage of sales funds artist scholarships for women, seniors, immigrants, African American, Latinx, Asian, Arab, LGBTQIA, Disabled and our commitment to equity in the ARTS.

GRACEfest ARTS Festival

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