Medium: Pottery
Dimensions: H”x W” 3.5×3
Price: $100 any 4

Member: Roni Fishkin




I am drawn to the ideas of Justice, Hope, Grace. Despite the challenges we face as individuals and a society, I remain a glass-is-half-full kind of girl – filled with hope and for the future. I gravitate toward color, whimsy and floral designs as a way of imbuing hopefulness, joy and a lightness in my work. I don’t have illusions of saving the world, just adding a smile or sharing some fun. So, I mix patterns in unexpected ways or combine bold colors and textured designs.
I was asked to be a JUST ARTIST for the Greenspon Center of Peace and Social Justice, I had never thought about ways to combine creativity and social justice. But now, I am all in!! As a Jew, I’m taught to commit to “tikkun olam” -traditionally translated as “repairing the world.” So, this is one way I can do that. I’ve also been thinking about the Maya Angelou quote “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” This inspires me to think about my relationships with others, my continuing education, my voice for social justice, our shared responsibility to “do better.” But it also connects to my art and the need to build skills I can be proud of. Maybe less wobbly, a little more intentional, a little less imperfect. An intriguing goal in and out of the studio.


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