Medium Mixed Media
Dimensions. H”xW” 48×60
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Non Member: Shayla Locke

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Three Words to Describe Shayla are Diva, Passionate, and a Visionary. She is an Artist, Photographer, Health Revolutionary and Business Woman, a Graduate of Winston Salem State University with a BA in Art and a graduate degree in Art Education. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a child, art was always her biggest passion; Shayla attended Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte. In college, she studied abroad in Ghana and Benin, Africa. There she got the opportunity to study Visual Art at the University of Ghana in Accra and at the University of Cape Coast. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Shayla attended The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and received a graduate certification in K-12 Art Education; she now works as an elementary art teacher for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Furthermore, she is an aspiring entrepreneur and owns her own photography business.

“We live in a world where trained cops can panic & act on impulse but untrained civilians must remain calm with a gun in their face.” My first piece is titled Breathless. It speaks about the history of Violence and Police Brutality against Black Women in America. This piece is about how police cut the life of Breonna Taylor short. We must bring a stop to the systematic injustices that are deeply rooted in our country. “Who Protects Us From You?”
My next piece is titled War. The war on our environmental health, the war on vaccines and the effects on our children and mental health. Goddess Oshun of fertility. George Floyd called all mothers, the mothers of humanity. The biological war and racial war on our unborn equals two pandemics we have to fight. While the word mother sounds similar in every language, what a mother represents is universal.

I am unique in my artistry because I believe art should make a statement. I love for my art to make viewers think and feel. I am a painter and I love working in mixed media as well. I believe in using my talent as a vessel. Art has been with me my whole life and I believe that if God gives you a gift, you should not waste it but share it with the world. I love working very large; an artist by the name of TJ Reddy once told me that I make very bold marks in my work, which shows that I have a bold soul. I am a quite person but my artwork speaks volumes and I love that about my work. Furthermore, I love being an African American artist and producing work that expresses our culture and rich history.

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