Medium Glass
Dimensions. H“ x W” 14 x 5.5
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Member: Elijah Kell

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These sculptural glassworks are part of my Icefields series, inspired by arctic flora as a representation of beauty and strength in the face of adversity. My designs reflect the striking contrast between icy terrain and blooming plant life, two opposites intertwined in what appears to be impossible. But, the existence of flowers in the arctic tundra is a remarkable example of how seemingly impossible situations can become beautiful success stories. Even though these flowers only bloom for a short time each year, the work it takes to accomplish that feat is an ongoing process.

Nature’s ability to ultimately triumph by being patient, fearless, resilient and perseverant, is something I think we can all learn from and apply in our own lives. With each art piece, my goal is to capture the beauty and fortitude of nature’s unrelenting spirit as a visual reminder that these same qualities lie within us all.

As a dyslexic, imagery plays a huge role in my life and that’s why art is my best form of expression. When I was younger, I was ridiculed for my reading and language deficits, and art became my escape. Even now, it’s still my place where words disappear and I feel like my truest self. Working with glass fascinates and challenges me. It’s like painting a picture that I turn into three-dimensional form and, although my design process is controlled, the subsequent firing process brings an element of unpredictability. The final outcome of my vision requires the successful balance of space and weight as I compose my design while forecasting how the glass will flow, expand, and settle during the heating and cooling cycles. Ultimately, it’s a matter of working backwards. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t, but chasing the challenge is what I love most.

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