“Our Streets”                 SOLD
Medium: acrylic ink and watercolor
Dimensions: 18 x 24
Price: SOLD



Member: Beth Mussay

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“Our Streets“

Beth D. Mussay is an artist originally from Indianapolis, born into a family of musicians who encouraged creativity and social consciousness. She studied painting at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Upon graduating, she moved to San Francisco to paint, met her husband Craig, and had two wonderful kids: Cat and Henry. Beth squeezes some activism and self education into her life, in between painting and parenting.

Beth uses her sensitivity and training to explore how it feels to be human. A private person who dislikes being watched but loves to sketch people without their knowledge, her art embodies the contradictions of human behavior. The medium of ink allows for fastidious attention to detail as well as spontaneous experimentation as the ink and water flow and react with each other. A visual artist by nature, Beth admires conceptual art with depth and aspires to create art that engages the viewer aesthetically and intellectually.

For me, art is is essential- it is therapy, a path to self knowledge, appreciation of the world around me, creative problem solving, and expression for my vision. Most importantly, I create propaganda for the world I want to see.

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