Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 48×30
Price: $1200


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I examine the connection between mental and spiritual health, delving into the different aspects of what makes us human using painting as a way to express what is going on in the spirit, mind, and body. My art is an exploration of what these three parts of humanity are experiencing, going beyond the surface level of our physical places in the world. My latest body of work focuses on mental health through a spiritual lens: Looking beyond what is merely tangible, I want to communicate what is going on within us in reaction to what we encounter in this life. I want to capture a moment in an ever-shifting and changing process, as humans constantly grow and transform. My faith and relationship with God are themes that often make an appearance in my work as this is the lens through which I look at my own mental and spiritual health.
oil on canvas
Dimensions H”x W”
48in x 30in


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