Reliquary: Evicted

Reliquary: Evicted

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 2’x2’x2’








NonMember: Helms Jerrell

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For the past 15 years, a shared life and the practices of hospitality, creativity, and prayer are what have kept me rooted and they spark holy imagination. The art I create expresses my deep and genuine love for this place and these people. .
Alexia Salvatierra told me once that “prayer is the way humans relate to God’s spirit. Culture is the way humans relate to God’s soul.” I believe art and culture bearing has the power to transform the individual and collective soul.

Because the population of the QC Family Tree neighborhood is changing rapidly, I find myself artfully exploring grief and loss. Other issues my work addresses: racial equity, intersections, social justice, faith, church complicity, place. I also notice within me a desire to mark, through visual art, the change. I am interested in finding ways to build power and make social change through artistic practice.

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