Medium:  Oil on Museum-Wrap Canvas
Dimensions: 48” x  36” x 3”
Price: $1300

Member:   K. Liles

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My landscape paintings vary from Representational to Abstraction to Impressionism. I use oil because I love the sensuous relationship between the medium and my palate knife or brush. Layer upon layer builds a translucency that brings Light directly to the observer. With varying thicknesses of oil paint I can make a statement. The shadows cast deepen depending on location. My palate changes with each series and presents a new challenge.
K’s art story began in retirement when the joys of single parenting with a huge set of active friends was replaced by finding love online and rebuilding life in a new southern city. I began lessons in a popular local studio and gradually replaced my home studio with a professional schedule in a collaborative art environment. My growth as an artist was directly related to my investment in daily discipline and time studying in art museums.

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