Black Lives Matter


Title Black Lives Matter
Medium Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas
Dimensions. H”xW” 48in x 36in
Price $1,600

NonMember:  Myesha Winston




Visual Artist that specializes in Oil Painting, Spray Painting, airbrushing and Drawing. Born and Raised in Queens, NY and now resides in Charlotte, NC seeking to earn a degree in Visual Arts, gain exposure to the local Charlotte area and showcasing my art through social media.

When it comes to my art, It’s expressive, colorful and unique in it’s own way by using my mediums I mainly work with. My work has a main theme of showcasing my inspiration for astronomy, landscape, fictional comic characters and famous icons in sports and pop culture. Not only do I want to make viewers connect to the painting but to also share the meanings and creation behind it to better understand it.

What makes me unique from all other is that I’m not afraid to make mistakes and go for it. With art, it allows you to be expressive and creative in your own way and I believe that even though I make mistake while creating my art, I can still work around it or work with the mistake and the painting can still be beautiful in the end. I also use most of my mediums together to create a textured colorful background and to also get a instant reaction on how the mediums interact with one another.


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