Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions. H”xW”  20 x 20
Price:  $445
Member: Patty Dawson-Elli


Patty started experimenting with different Art mediums seriously in 2000, she needed a creative outlet. Living in MA at the time she had access to watercolor and photography classes at the local Art Museum. This was the beginning of her foray into the Art world and viewing Art in Museums and shows. After she moved back to NY she took more art classes and tried encaustic hot wax, polaroid transfer, Gelli mono printing and has worked with Acrylics seriously for the past 5 years. She has recently changed her Acrylic Abstract process and is enjoying a more intuitive style of painting. Her work has been accepted into several Juried Art shows and she is a member of 4 different Art Guilds/Centers at this time. She enjoys collecting art, viewing art and the process of creating art.

I currently have 3 mediums that I enjoy working in. Encaustic hot wax is a great medium and so different that paint, the colors, the smell, the texture are mesmerizing. I also enjoy Polaroid transfer; using polaroid film exposed from a slide through a machine to create a painterly image on watercolor paper. The process is very cool. The process, I love to experience the process of all these mediums, the making of the Art is what is the most rewarding for me. My Abstract Acrylics are my delight right now. I have finally found a process I love. I start with mark making and after about 20 steps of mark making are completed I examine it and look for direction from the piece. It will show me what it wants to be, where it should go next. I get to let it lead me!

We didn’t have any Art in my house growing up but my Uncle was a painter. My childhood seemed very flat. I was expected to be seen and not heard, it was that time period. There was not room for emotion from the children in our house, I felt stunted. In high school I took an art class and again in college. A friend painted silk scarves and did calligraphy, I didn’t know just anyone could make Art. I started to visit Galleries and loved the Abstracts. I decided that was what I wanted to create. Five years later I think I finally have a handle on a process that allows me to express myself and create beauty all in one. That little girl who could not have feelings can get all those feelings out now in her art work. The process of making art is cathartic for me.



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