Medium:         acrylics
Dimensions:  H”x W” 24″ x 12″
Price:              $900
NonMember: Lindsay Daniel



In Georgia – alcoholism/divorce tore her mom/dad apart – family in CharlotteNC nurtured her childhood. Both Mom-Stepfather were artists. Lindsay loved the smell of turpentine! Painting/Printmaking for her !! – stop – money gone. Lucky, found job in Interior Design. Marriage, then Architecture beckoned at UNCC, add children. Work and a full community life of “Playing It Forward”. 1990 started her own architecture firm. Life is good. 2008 Great Recession – jobs crash. Rebuild again, but something was calling…FREEDOM from team/client projects. Her own expression was dying. She had always held onto drawing and began a silent tiptoe back to painting. Ideas brought her back to the canvas…ideas like “what is Real or Unreal in our lives”? “What reflects your soul, or your story?” “What is sacred in our lives?” Lindsay now explores these questions through multiple subjects and styles – somewhere between Realism & Abstraction. BIO https://www.lindsaydaniel.com/about

Fueled by curiosity – explorations and discoveries reignite fresh perspectives to keep my art alive. This passion and 40 yrs creating personal spaces formed the bedrock of my theoretical theme – What is Real-Unreal in our lives? Does realism begin to become abstraction?….vice versa? I flow thru multiple mediums, genres, subjects, styles. I’m a process artist, but bend to the dynamics gained when materials and methods demand. I accept the journey as each painting unfolds. This “give and take” nature with each piece supports my theme. I subtly weave together realism/abstraction with the sacred spaces between. I experiment with many elements of design finding best voice to communicate these relationships. Lindsay strives to walk along the edge of sacred worlds that lie somewhere between real/abstract, acknowledging that which we hold dear, telling these stories, and elevating those to a higher level of appreciation.

As an artist (not easy to define or put into a box), I’m new to Painting, yet a vintage sage from 45 years in design. I’ve come full circle – studying Painting/Printmaking, to Interior Design, to architecture (and teaching), to my own architecture firm, now, back home to painting. Each step has reinforced and strengthened my skills and vision. I’m grateful for ID-Arch Design awards- recognizing my diversity of applications and believing in me. I’ve experienced twisting roads, hurdles, setbacks– but somehow I can’t leave this field– I breathe art! Eyes wide open I see it in choice of viewing angle, focus, color, composition,…….My influences are endless from quietness of Hopper to screaming of Basquiat. My careers, personal history, and sprightly personality seem to have trained my eye on the same path – searching for the sacredness in our lives… Art tells that story.


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