Home Is Where I Lay My Head


Home Is Where I Lay My Head
Medium acrylic
Dimensions H”x W” 12″ x 12″
Price 295.00

Member: Gail Baillergeon




Art is…sometimes my breath, sometimes my tears. When I was young, I realized that I could make people smile with my silly arts & crafts. Then I realized that I could make people think with the things I created.
I have always been a recycler; before it was the “thing” to do. I have always loved nature and the natural world. My work has evolved into statements about how I perceive the world around me, it is my voice. It is my hope that others hear my voice through my work.
I am often torn between monochromatic and in living color! Sometimes I start a piece out one way and it ends completely the other. I am good with that because it is the creative process that takes hold and in the end, it is how it should have always been.

Political, environmental, emotional or just for fun; I use handmade paper and found materials to create her 2D and 3D mixed media work.
Early influenced by the writing of E. L. Kongisburg and the sculpture of Michelangelo and later by the colors of Wassily Kandinsky and the passion of Jean-Michel Basquiat , I work to find my voice to express my anger and joy.
I hope my work brings connectivity to the world around us.



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