I Shine, You Shine (Invertible Shoeshine Chair)


I SHINE, YOU SHINE (Invertible Shoeshine Chair)
Medium Laminated Pine
Dimensions H”x W” 66x66x12
Price: $1200





Oscar Soto is a Brazilian-born Chilean-American raised in South Carolina. Feeling a longing for deeper understanding of his cultural identity, he moved to Chile in 2013 and lived there for more than four years. After meeting his extended family, learning to speak Spanish, and spending over two years learning to salsa dance, he finally accepted that his only true sense of self came from making art. He returned to the United States in 2017 to begin his MFA at Winthrop University, where he discovered his love of woodworking. With his graduate studies finally completed, Oscar looks forward to continuing to make work and deepen his skills as an artist, craftsman, teacher, and fabricator.

My furniture-based sculptures serve as contemplation points to consider how we are to occupy and engage the world together. Just as furniture can orient us when we enter an unfamiliar room, art can help orient us in the face of profound collective uncertainty. Through the simple, seesaw-like systems, I invite viewers to consider that oftentimes disproportionate effort is required to yield proportional results. The fulcrum that separates us is also the point that binds us together. We do not all have equal burdens, but we all share a responsibility not to let each other fall. To proceed meaningfully, we must communicate and learn to uplift each other.



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