Medium Glass
Dimensions. H” x W” 5.5 x 15
Price 450

Member: Elijah Kell




As a dyslexic, imagery plays a huge role in my life and that’s why art is my best form of expression. When I was younger, I was ridiculed for my reading and language deficits, and art became my escape. Even now, it’s still my place where words disappear and I feel like my truest self. Working with glass fascinates and challenges me. It’s like painting a picture that I turn into three-dimensional form and, although my design process is controlled, the subsequent firing process brings an element of unpredictability. The final outcome of my vision requires the successful balance of space and weight as I compose my design while forecasting how the glass will flow, expand, and settle during the heating and cooling cycles. Ultimately, it’s a matter of working backwards. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t, but chasing the challenge is what I love most.

Captivated by the process and possibilities, he immersed himself in the art of glass and has been developing his craft through self-study and experimentation ever since.

Elijah’s glassworks are currently featured at GreenHill Center for NC Art, where he served as a guest speaker for the Winter Show Collectors’ Event. His work is also on view throughout 2021 at the Bill & Patty Gorelick Galleries at Central Piedmont Community College. Recent exhibitions have included a Solo Show at Artisan’s Palate Gallery, and work selected for the McColl Center’s inaugural benefit event. Elijah’s glass is also featured at two premier Charlotte hotels, Novant Medical Center Matthews, and Davidson Town Hall.

A current high school sophomore, Elijah is an artist-entrepreneur at heart with future plans of opening his own public gallery and studio.


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