Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions H”x W”:       36”  x  24”
Price:    $1,200



My art making journey began around 12 years old when I drew a simple pencil rendering of a popular Judy Blume book character. Upon showing it to my mother, she’d proudly displayed it in the corner of her dresser mirror. It remained there for a long time until she moved it to a photo album. This was the first time that I saw how something I had created had connected with another person and had made them feel joy. Being a studious, quiet child, it was amazing to me that I could connect with people without having to do much talking and explaining. This validation was just what I needed to continue in the pursuit of this very powerful means of sharing. To me, art actualized the meaning of the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ I continue to evolve in technique and clarity of vision and voice.


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