Medium Acrylic
Dimensions H”x W” “24 x 24”
Price: $300

Member:  Molly English




These painting explore the fragility of humanity. They are simple compositions of figures huddled together, pushing and striving to rise above the mud and find the light. Humanity isn’t concrete or something easily held or defined. Rather it is quite ethereal; intangible like a cloud. It defines us as a group of beings and separates us from the animals. But it takes individual and collective effort to create it, to sustain it. We must come together and build upon the history of those before us. Build a foundation solid as rock. A brick and mortar of both exemplary and reprehensible moments. Vigilant to remember, acknowledge and remedy it all, because failures which are hidden, skewed or pushed aside become muddy – and we all sink.

I have always been a quiet person. Blaringly, glaringly quiet. For a long time I saw that trait as a flaw that made me less than – less interesting, less confident, less capable. It was through the study and practice of art that I started to realize there was another way to communicate without words. So I sketched, practiced and tried many techniques, hoping to find something that felt true – something authentically me – my artistic voice. My voice had been muted by self doubt, insecurity and impatience for so long. But it was in there — only I could hear the screaming. I challenged myself to show up more consistently, to leave expectations at the door, and above all to enjoy the process. I found abstract expressionism the most liberating way of finding and freeing the voice that’s in there. And it’s slowly getting stronger

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