Medium watercolor on paper
Dimensions H”x W” 14×11
Price $150

Member: Anand Wakankar

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Anand Wakankar is a self-taught artist, born in Pune, India, where he began to study art as a child. He has continued to pursue art as a hobby throughout his life and has had an opportunity to learn under different artists in India and abroad. His artistic endeavors include painting in transparent watercolors and oil, and are inspired by nature, landscapes and abstract ideas. Anand’s paintings have been featured in juried art shows, art auctions and competitions throughout North Carolina, including the Lake Norman Art League, Young Affiliates Of Mint Museum, the Charlotte Gallery Art Exhibit, SouthEndArts and the Lake Norman Art Auction. Anand currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina , where he works in IT and continues to explore his hobby with inspiration from nature.

Untitled-20 – This art piece is about all that happened in year 2020, all black dark situations and among those sporadic beautiful things that happened as well. One just needs to find and take the memories of such things into next year.

I am an artist who mainly enjoys and paints in watercolor medium. My subjects are landscapes in watercolors and some still life or abstracts in oil colors.Sometimes I enjoy large scape paintings to work on as it gives more room to explore  color, texture and form.

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