Medium Mixed Media
Dimensions H”x W” 40×40
Price: $2200


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Haitian-born artist Gélin Cangé discovered art as a way to communicate before learning English. Although he pursued other forms of creative expression, Gélin uses mixed media to interpret his poetry into abstract and figurative paintings. As a self-taught artist, he experiments with a variety of mediums to achieve visual depth in his works.

Growing up in Haiti, I was always surrounded by the vibrant colors of the Caribbean. When my family emigrated to America, art became my second language until I learned English. I am self-taught in several disciplines but I focus primarily on mixed media and acrylic paintings. Experimentation is a big part of my work, it helps to keep each piece unique. These two paintings are part of an open series entitled “Fragile”. “Bloom” is based on poems and reflections on my granddaughter, 6 years old

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