Cracked Chinese Knockoff Garter & Panties

Cracked Chinese Knockoff Vase Garter and Panties
Medium Glazed ceramic with hand painted underglaze
Dimensions. H”x W” 13″ x 12″ x 3”
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NonMember: Doris Kapner

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Doris Kapner explores gender issues in her work, replacing the female subject with an object, layered in meaning, as symbols of both objectification and power, personal and impersonal. Creating inherently feminine textile pieces in ceramics draws on the domesticity of the medium in reference to a woman’s “place.”

Doris received a B.F.A. in Sculpture from Purchase College in 1994 and has worked in art galleries, as a TIG welder, police officer, homemaker, loss prevention manager, visual merchandiser, yoga teacher, and art instructor. This fluctuation between typical male and female roles drives her work.

Doris began working in ceramics in 2015, creating undergarments, dresses, and handkerchiefs, often adding needlework and crochet. In 2020, she received an Arts & Science Council Regional Artist Project Grant, an Honorable Mention in Create Magazine’s The Women’s Issue 2020, and was selected as an ASC Community Supported Art Artist. Doris currently lives in Mooresville, North Carolina.

My work explores the objectification of women. Undergarments have replaced the body as the subject.

Undergarments are symbols of both power and objectification, personal and impersonal. Creating these undergarments in ceramic references the medium’s domesticity.

On a historical and personal level, I’ve explored ceramics found in our homes, iconic and mundane. They’re decorative and utilitarian, as are undergarments.


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