2021 Art Gallery

SouthEnd ARTS 2021 “JUSTICE” Series


SouthEnd ARTS is thrilled to present a variety of artworks from both emerging painters and mid-career artists introducing Charlotte-area collectors to a broad range of local artists and their work.

SEA is a movement of people with a shared appreciation for creatives and deeply rooted passion for social justice. SEA exists to build-up interest across these two communities (arts advocates exploring the world of social justice and equity-minded progressives learning about the power of the arts), linking them toward a common cause. The organization’s programming is designed to “convene, connect and catalyze” towards shared goals of increased equity through creative expressions.

In October SouthEnd ARTS premiered “JUSTICE” below, a unique two-part exhibition that includes a magical documentary-style film inspired by SEA in-person events. Become inspired.  All sales benefit the artist and the mission of SouthEnd ARTS.

March exhibition will be available for purchase through March, 2021.


“Justice & Beauty”, SouthEnd ARTS March, 2021 installation of  the JUSTICE Series.

CLICK on the art images below to learn more about our artists. All sales benefit the artist and the mission of SouthEnd ARTS.

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